Rich Kid Poor Kid

Rich Kid - Poor Kid

Rich Kid: iPhone
Poor Kid: iPon

Rich Kid: Works at *Insert name of one of the largest company*
Poor Kid: Works at Edi Sa Puso Mo.

Rich Kid: Mag-uupload ng selfie, thousands ang likes.
Poor Kid: Mag-uupload ng selfie, icha-chat ang lahat para ilike.

*Nahulog ang candy*
Rich Kid: I'll buy another one.
Poor Kid: Wala pang 5 seconds.

Sa Starbucks..
Rich Kid: 1 PHOTO
Poor Kid: 1 ALBUM

Sa isang basketball game..
Rich kid: Takes out Gatorade.
Poor kid: Pinagpapasa-pasahan ang ice water.

Rich Kid: iTunes
Poor Kid: Youtube Converter

Rich Kid: Forever 21
Poor Kid: Forever suot

Rich Kid: Camera 360, Retrica, Instagram
Poor Kid: PIZAP

Rich Kid: Babe, Sweetheart, Honey
Poor Kid: B3nTed0sZ q0h, tr3Sz, un0, sHyeT3, b3nT3 qUaHtr0h qH, mHiN3.

Rich Kid: "I love you, sweetheart!"
Poor Kid: "iqKaw lan6 szapat nua!"

Rich Kid: "McSpicy" - Spice up your day!
Poor Kid: "Angel's Burger" - Sa unang kagat, tinapay lahat!

Rich Kid: French Kiss
Poor Kid: Laplapan

Rich Kid: Puro pagkain mga pics sa instagram.
Poor Kid: Puro selfie mga pics sa instagram.

Rich Kid: I love you to Infinity and beyond.
Poor Kid: FOrevEr tayO BhOsz kU

Rich Kid: I will love you forever, okay? I love you Baby.
Poor Kid: mHaL n mHaL ktA bhiE, skiN k Lng h? LhAb u bhiE

Rich Kid: Cancer
Poor Kid: Kulam

Rich Kid: Debut sa hotel.
Poor Kid: Debut sa court.

*May spaghetti sa table*
Rich Kid: Wow! Spaghetti, my favorite!
Poor Kid: Ma! Sino may birthday?

Rich Kid: Studies at De La Salle University
Poor Kid: Studies at Swag University/Loading Swag... 100% Complete

Rich Kid: Many Fake Friends
Poor Kid: Many Real Friends

Rich Kid: Will hang out with the girls later at the
Poor Kid: PeRyA m4mAy4 wItH tRofp4n6

Rich Kid: Hey can i get your number?
Poor Kid: Teh pengeng digits mo teh

Rich Kid: Mouth Wash
Poor Kid: Maxx menthol candy.

Rich Kid: Grounded
Poor Kid: Hampas ng sinturon at tsinelas!

Rich Kid: Araneta
Poor Kid: Mallshow sa Puregold

Rich Kid: One Direction
Poor Kid: Chicser


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