English Pickup Lines

Boy: Can I have directions?
Girl: To where?
Boy: To your Heart.

Boy: Your dad must’ve been retarded!
Girl: Why?
Boy: Cause you are Special.

Boy: Hi, I know I’m a guy but I want to be Alice
Girl: Why?
Boy: coz your body’s a Wonderland.

Boy: Are you an alien? .
Girl: Why?
Boy: Because you just abducted my heart

Boy: I’m invisible. Can you see me?
Girl: Nope, Why?
Boy: How about tomorrow night?

Boy: Do you have the time?
Girl: The time is ____ (she gives you the time)
Boy: No, the time to write my number down

Boy: Hi, you must be the devil? ‘”
Girl: Why?
Boy: Coz you’re hot as hell!

Boy: Am I in heaven?
Girl: Nope, and why?
Boy: Or do you just look like an angel?

Boy: I wish you were DSL?
Girl: Why?
Boy: So I could get high-speed access.

Boy: Do you have a map?
Girl: Why?
Boy: Coz I keep getting lost in your eyes

Boy: Your legs must be tired!
Girl: Huh! why?
Boy: coz you’ve been running through my mind all night.

Boy: Baby your like a student and I am like a math book
Girl: Why?
Boy: Coz, you solve all my problems

Boy: Are you on Facebook?
Girl: Why?
Boy: Coz I’d definitely click Like.

Boy: You’re like a dictionary.
Girl: Why?
Boy: You add meaning to my life.


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