Funny SMS

Son: Dad, what do I give my girlfriend as a gift?
 Dad: How does she look?
 Son: She looks sweet, pretty, fun to be with and, of course, lovely.
 Dad: Give her my number! Nyahahah

 Father & son are out fishing & drinking beer while discussing football.
 All of a sudden, the son says, “Dad, I think I’m gonna divorce my wife.
 She hasn’t spoken to me in 11 months.”
His dad takes a sip of beer & replies, “Son, better think it over.
 Women like that are hard to find!”


 A man after a romantic dinner date with his girlfriend saw a guy’s photo in
 her bag..
 HE: is he your boyfriend?
 SHE: (kissed him) No, dear, that’s me before surgery.

“My Wi-Fi suddenly stopped working...
 Then I realized that my neighbours haven’t paid the bills...
 How irresponsible” LOLz!! nyahaha

 Quote: some people say, “behind evry successful man there is a woman”
but nobody knows the fact that “women choose only successful men.” hahaha

 In a classroom, a student was praying..
 TEACHER: Why are you praying before we start our lesson?
 BOY: Mom told me that before sleeping you must pray!XD

 They say milk give you strength, drink three glasses & try to move a wall.
 You can’t. But take three shots of Vodka & the wall will move by itself.XD

 Wikipedia: I know everything.
 Google : I have everything.
 Facebook: I know everyone.
 Twitter : I know what you all guys think.
 Internet : Goshh… Without me, you guys are nothing!
 MERALCO: Yeah! Keep talking, without me you are silent! TRUE nyahahah!!

 Dying husband asks his wife: “Our 7th child always looked different from the
 other 6, did he have a different father?”
wife (crying): yes
 husband: who?
 wife: you.... XD

 Only Two Things Can Change a Woman’s Mood:
 1. I Love You!
 2. Less 50% Discount.. XD

 For Women who say…
Someone posed a question…
 “Who told you to try ALL OF THEM?”

Wife was teaching English to her non-English speaking husband.
 WIFE: I’m beautiful. I’m slim. My face is cute. I’m hot. What tense is this?
 Husband: It’s Past Tense!

 A girl asks a bookstore clerk, “Do you have a book entitled, ‘Girls Are Very
Sales clerk replies, “The Humor Section is on your left side.”XD

 When I was a child so many girls wanted to kiss me!
 I allowed them
 Now I want to kiss so many girls
 And they don’t allow me!
 Selfish girls.XD LOlz

 When words are not enough to express your feelings,
 don’t think that you are in love....
 It means that you need to Improve Your Vocabulary!XD


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