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When you find a dream inside your heart, don't ever let it go.... for dreams are the tiny seeds from which beautiful tomorrows grow.

 The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

 The Beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are.
 But on how happy others can be... because of you. God Bless!

“It’s beauty that captures your attention;
 personality which captures your heart.”

Some frens r remembered bcoz of der smile. Some frens r remembered bcoz of der style. But you r remembered bcoz u r so nice to remember. Take care.

 Beauty is not the appearance of someone, but, it is their personality and how they are on the inside, as well as their heart.

 The world is full of beauty when your heart is full of love. So start & end your day with love & smile in your heart. Have a peaceful day.

 A friend is like a book that has to be read to appreciate its beauty. As such, you're one of the most beautiful books ever written. How I wish you could be reprinted!

 The best thing about beauty is knowing that you are beautiful on the inside and not flaunting the fact that you are beautiful on the outside.

 What good is beauty without brains, looks without charm, money without happiness, a smile without feelings, a life without you?

 Why do we close our eyes when we sleep, when we cry, when we imagine, when we kiss? Because the most beautiful thing in the world is unseen.

 Beauty is something that eyes can see, but personality is something that catches someones heart, most people say if you have the looks.. you don’t have the personality.. it takes time to find the one!!

 Beauty is painful…don’t suffer because you think you look bad because you don’t. everybody is beautiful inside and out. Yet everybody is different so don’t be jealous either.

 True beauty lies within the heart of a single soul…when the man feels he can’t hold it anymore…it shines outsides….it is reflected in deeds and in his words that can be seen through his eyes…


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