Friendship SMS

In lyf ul find special ppol hu changes ur life just by being part of it…
Hu makes u laf until u cant stop;
 Hu makes u bliv dat der is good in the world;
 Hu convinces u dt der is an unlocked door just waiting for u to open it..
 They’re called
Thanks for being one!

“Is it really true that people
 always change after so many years & time?
 Actually, they don’t.
 You’re just starting to know who they really are.


 Great friendship is about two main things:
 First, is to find out the similarities..
 and second, is to respect the differences.!

 Its better to have good friends in bad times
 than bad friends in good times!
 But best to have true friends all the time!

 No matter who broke your heart,
 or how long it takes to heal,
 you’ll never get through it without your friends.

 It’s hard to care for someone when you know that one step
 forward will make you fall INLOVE.
 And a step backward will ruin your

 Friendship begins with simple talks.
 It blooms into a long & deep conversation.
 next thing you know..
 you begin to care so much.

 Stay with the people who promises nothing to you
 but are willing to make you happy
 and you are being valued like no other.

 Friends, we have always been and Friends we always remain!
 Let’s raise a toast to our camaraderie.
 May our friendship be an example to others.

 a pr0ven fact:
 when you’re up,
 your friends know who you are..
 but when you’re down,
 do you know who your friends are.

 The reason why a seesaw was made for two persons..
 so that when you go down, there would always be
 someone there to lift you up again!

 Time alone can prove the worth of a person.
 As time goes by, we lose the wrong ones and keep d best,
 because true people stay when all d rest leave u behind

 What makes LIFE wonderful?
 Friends 2 share d great moments n life.
 Friends 2 take d blues away.
 Friends that make u feel they care.

 If an angel is someone who touches my life,
 who has a heart both loving and wise,
 even if you don’t have a halo or wings,
 you’re still my angel in disguise.


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