Happy Birthday SMS

Happy Birthday! Have a great one
 and may you have all the wonderful
 things that you deserve.

 Hi ..
 May ur birhday brings u
 da lotz of fully loadad
 hapiness n joy on ur day
 ( b’day) n u 2gether njoy
 it wid ur family n frndz
 Happy B’day.

On your birthday, do you wish to be more amazing every year.
 I think it came true! Happy Birthday

 Wishing u all the great things
 in lyf hope this day
 will bring u an extra share of
 all that makes u the happiest
 Happy B’day…

May ur life b filled wit colors
 An all ur wishes come true

 Life is very short,
 So enjoy every moment,
 Dont lose your confidence
 Go always ahead.
 Happy Birthday

 And Then Through The Year
 May The Same Thing Hold True
 So That Each Day Is Filled
 With Life’s Best Things For You!

 A Joyous Birthday with Fun and Friends,
 A Happier Day with gifts and grands,
 Where wishing is a trend,
 I simply pray for you my friend,
 Be the HAPPIEST forever,
 Happy Birthday!

‘U R So Sweet I Can Say..
 Friendship’s Loan I Can’t Pay..
 This Is My Pray Be Happy Always..
 And With Heart & Soul..

 I always wished 4 a spcl frnd
 who’d b close 2 my hrt
 it came true when I meet u
 on ur spcl day I wish 4 u happy b’day

 It’s the day of cakes and candles..
 Snow and songs…
Celebrations and decorations…
Laughter and Love…
It’s your Birthday!

 This SMS is 4 D wonderful
 sisters of this world
 Thank u didi 4 always being there on my
 side and for helping me in those infinite
 ways which I cannot even remember…
Happy Birthday

u r 1 year older now,
 1 year smarter now,
 1 year bigger now,
 and now u r 1 year closer to all your wishes.
 *Happy Birthday*

 A birthday is a million moments,
 Each holding a promise of fulfillment of ur dreams,
 And accomplishments of some special plans.
 Wish U a very “Happy Birthday”


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