Inspirational SMS

Life is totally fair,
we just see it unfair because,
It’s either we expected too much,
Or we gave up already.

It's better to feel sorry
for the things you've
done than to feel sorry
for the things you've
never done

No matter how serious life gets,
You will consequently need the company of idiots,
Whom you can completely act stupid with.

Everyone needs to give up when something
didn’t change for better, But everyone needs to
change to let this give up never happen again.

Do you know what’s hard after making other people happy?
It’s when they don’t realize that you always need
Someone to do the same.

Change always starts in your mind,
The way you think determines the way you feel,
And the way you feel influences the way you act.

Think before saying or doing anything,
It’s always better not to hurt anyone
Than to apologize after you’ve hurt them.

A great character always makes us more
attractive than
A great face with substance..
Beauty catches attention but
character catches the heart.

Always remember pain makes people change
So don’t hurt them, if you don’t want them to change.

Instead of wishing you were someone else,
be proud of who you are, you never know
whose been looking at you wishing they could be you.

It’s better to be the worst person in the
world by your mistakes than,
To be the nicest person by not showing
your real self.

You make me smile for the weirdest reason..
You make me laugh for some stupid reason..
But most of all,you make me love you for no reason.

I’m finally strong enough to let him go and move on with my life,
And you know what’s hard?
I still sits up at night,stares at my phone and wonder.

Prayer is a perfume to your soul and
a fragrance that pleases God,
Wear your prayer everyday and
let it freshin’ you anytime and anywhere you go.
God bless.

One way to avoid breaking promises,
Never say what you about to do,
Instead, do what you are about to say.

Never take someone for granted,
Hold the person who love you most because
you might wake up one day and realize,
You’ve lost a diamond, while your too busy collecting stones.

Happiness doesn’t always see in smile and laugh.
Sometimes, even in the saddest part of our life, we found happiness in some
part of our heart, because we know by the presence of people who stays with
us through ups and downs, God never leaves us behind.

What makes life exciting?
“It’s when GOD gives you the strength and courage to fight a losing battle
despite the fact that all you want to do is surrender.

The longer you wait for something
the more you appreciate it when
you get it...everything hard while
is worth while


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