Pambanat sa Bitch

The Top Things To Say To A Bitch

“Bitches like you are the best arguments for contraception.”

 “Don’t talk about yourself too much…we’ll do that for you when you leave.”

Don’t be so humble, you’re not THAT great.”

“Wag ka na magpaganda, mahihirapan ka!”

“If you’re not getting any, please don’t take it out on me.”

“Oh sorry, I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to the other bitch, the thin one.”

“It’s okay to be ugly, it’s okay to be a bitch…but never both.”

“You look like you’ve been mugged, and the first thing they stole was your class.”

“I’m not a snob, you’re just inconsequential.”

“Calling you a bitch is a disservice to female dogs.”

“Do I call you by your real name, or would ‘Satan’s Mistress’ suffice?”

“Being the biggest bitch to me doesn’t change the fact that I’m the one he cannot live without.”

“Oh I’m sorry, did I give the impression that I wanted your opinion? It won’t happen again.”

“Did I miss the elections? I don’t remember voting you Queen Bitch.”

“You know what? I really like you! You remimd me of myself when I was still immature, pimply, and stupid.”

“Are you a bitch because you’re ugly? Or because you’re an old maid?”

 “Nakakataba pala ang bitchiness…”

“Dumaan na ang evolution, bakit hindi ka pa sumabay?”

“Magaganda lang ang may karapatang maging bitch, kaya disqualified ka na.”

“Hindi ka ba nayakap nung bata ka?”

“Fake is the new Bitch.”

“Do you still love nature, despite what it did to you?”

“Silence is therapeutic, try it.”

“You know what? My mom said your mom’s a bitch too.”

“You are what martilyo does to pako…POKPOK.”


Anonymous said...

Like this! *Havey*

lenie maputol said...

Enter your comment...hahaha bagay nga pang bitch....

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