Pamatay na Pambara English 2

After hearing a pickup line

She: I like your approach, now le's see your departure

Man: You look like a dream

Woman: Go back to sleep

Man: my d*ck is 10 inches long

Woman: Mine's too

Man: I can tell that you want me

Woman: ohhhhh...You're so right..I want you to leave

Man: I may not be a genie, but I can make your dreams come true

Woman: First wish, dont ever speak again

Man: hey cutie, how about you and I hitting the hot spots?

Woman: I dont date outside my species

Man: can i buy you a drink?

Woman: i buy you a taxi?

Man: Nice hair

Woman: (removes the wig) there you go...have fun!

Man: hey good looking...where've seen you before?

Woman: I am one of the nurses at the plastic surgery. Want another visit?

Man: Let me be the reason you're up all night

Woman: You will be. I always wake up when i have nightmares

Man: I'll do anything, no matter how kinky it is if you will say the 3 words

Woman: Clean my house

Man: I can make your wildest dreams come true

Woman: I know. I had this nightmare some creep wouldn't leave me alone

Male: If i could arrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together

Woman: You don't have to do anything, because N and O are already together.

Guy: (walks up to a girl) "I do not think it is the girls body that makes her special, it is her personality that really counts"

Girl: Well that's too bad because you can't have sex with my personality (then walks away)

Male: baby, I am god's gift to this earth

Woman: Well, if i take a receipt up to heaven, can i exchange you for someone better.

Him: I'd go through anything for you

Her: The exit's over there

Man: Do you like a sensitive guy?

Woman: Yeah, I used to be

Man: Am I in heaven because your an angel

Woman: No you're in hell and I'm about to rip your f*cking face off

Guy: Hey babe do you have GPS....Im lost in your eyes

Girl: Make a U-turn

Boy: So...Um...Hows life?

Girl: Great..until you came along

Guy: I know how to please woman

Girl: Then please leave me alone

Guy: I want to give myself to you

Girl: Sorry I dont accept cheap gifts


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